Over 20 years of translations from English and German into Italian

  • I live in Bologna. A graduate in translation from SSLMIT – University of Trieste, I am a Qualified Member of the Italian Association of Translators and Interpreters (AITI), and I am committed to continuing education.
  • I assist companies, banks, insurance companies, lawyers and individuals with all their needs for translation from English and German into Italian (my native language) in the field of business communication and in the legal and financial sectors.
  • By establishing a direct contact and forming a personal relationship with you, I can offer a unique service precisely tailored to your language, your style, your identity, and your reputation.
  • I personally see to every aspect of your translation projects to ensure absolute continuity and consistency. I never sub-contract, so you can be sure of the same quality every time.

Translations you can count on

Want to localize an advertising campaign for the Italian-speaking market? Need to translate an important project to promote your products and services in Italy? I’m here to help you with an effective approach based on the type of reader and type of text, and on its purpose and the medium used. All texts require a degree of sectoral expertise and, in their own nuanced ways, informed decisions to ensure consistency of style, register and tone of voice. And no translation should ever “sound like a translation”.

If you decide to work with me, you can devote yourself to your other activities, knowing that your documents and projects are in good hands. Whether you need the translation of a technical text or enticing content for your customers and prospects in Italy or Ticino, you can count on me to interpret your company’s real needs and put them across in the most effective way.

My areas of specialization:

Legal texts

Contracts, corporate documents, deeds, proceedings, documents sworn at the Court of Bologna, etc.

These texts are very binding in nature, requiring absolute precision and appropriateness of the technical language, as well as an understanding of the particular context and of the institutions concerned. In this case, translating does not mean adapting an original to the legal framework of the country of destination, but rather clarifying the legal concepts to the greatest possible extent (an example can be seen in the differences between common law and civil law systems).

Financial texts

Financial statements, prospectuses, commentaries and analyses, insurance and banking documents, websites, etc.

Here too, the texts require a precise, specialised language, which can only come from a proper understanding of the economic-financial world and of the regulations that govern it. Here we find a language filled with (not always justifiable) Anglicisms, and one that is not averse to a vivid, metaphorical style, especially in the trade press (from bulls to bears by way of storms and sinking ships).


Brochures, house organs, press releases, newspaper articles, promotional texts, content marketing materials, localization of websites and communication campaigns, etc.

These texts allow for a greater degree of flexibility, and thus require creativity, linguistic and stylistic sensitivity, and cultural understanding (one need only think of intended or unintended puns, cultural references, effective slogans, and so on). Localization means adapting the texts to make sure they have the greatest impact in the target culture and, in the case of websites, taking into consideration factors such as usability, UX, SEO, etc.

The cost of a translation depends on a number of factors (type and length of text, delivery times, etc.): send me the text, tell me what you need, and I’ll send you a quote.
All your documents will be treated with utmost confidentiality. For the languages and sectors I do not deal with, I can put you in contact with colleagues you can trust.
If you have never purchased translation services before, I recommend you read the excellent practical guide by an expert translator, Chris Durban.
What they say about me
Lara has been translating for our agency since 2010. She knows how to render a text in Italian with professionalism and precision. Her many qualities include punctuality, a sense of responsibility, and discretion. We are glad to be able to count on a professional like her for our services. (translated from German)
Angelo Caltagirone

Traductor, Basel

We couldn’t have been happier with Lara when she did some translation work for us recently. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Lara as a brilliant, efficient translator and a delightful person to work with.

John Leigh

Mansfield (QLD, Australia)

I have been working with Lara since 2003, especially for Legal and Financial translations from German and English into Italian. She is a reliable and very expert professional translator.
Susanna Ferretti

Interlanguage, Modena

We used Lara’s services to translate and have legalised British documents that we needed to submit in order to apply for Italian citizenship. We were highly impressed by her efficiency and professionalism, and we recommend her unreservedly. She does a great job!

John and Marie Annette Dunn


We have used Lara’s services several times for our commercial dealings with German exporters and logistics companies and always found her work to be thoroughly professional. In fact on the most recent occasion her translation work was a fundamental factor in us securing the business. I would recommend her to anyone who requires translation into Italian from German or English.
Robert Thomas

Freight forwarder, Thomas T.F.S. Srl - Bentivoglio (Bologna)

I needed an English document to be translated into Italian. Besides being reliable, professional and responsive to emails, Lara did not mind contacting the author of the document (who was not a native English speaker) several times by herself to clarify text passages. I would recommend anyone who needs a translation into Italian to ask Lara.

Denis W.

University of Bologna

Lara translated for me a very specific document with many words unique to the finance industry from English to Italian. Not only did Lara display a deep and nuanced knowledge of the financial terminology, but she was also very responsive to emails and a real pleasure to work with. I would gladly recommend Lara to anyone looking for a reliable and professional translator from English to Italian.

O. Medic

Belgrade, Serbia

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